Concerned about her client’s welfare, she doesn’t want anyone to have to resort to pawning or practically giving their precious jewels or heirlooms away.  Bring in your family treasures into Gem Gallerie, a family owned store with trust and integrity in its very roots.  Staff can inspect the jewelry to see what’s worth appraising and we can also help you sell it through a sophisticated selling program we’ve had for years.  Your jewelry is safely stored, insured and locked away in our vault for safe keeping.  You won’t get a better offer anywhere else and you will be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve.  We may also offer to buy your jewelry if the store and the customer is interested at the time.  Customers often times come to the store in search of your vintage pieces so this could be a perfect match for you and them.

We are gemologists and professional goldsmiths

Karen Simmons

Karen is a Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author and writer of many award-winning books so she will write the stories of the adventures to capture in the book of a lifetime dream for many. Her current book "Heirlooms from the Heart" in which she is working in collaboration with Shine FM radio. Every heirloom has a story and these stories need to be heard, forever. Read the story about her and Gem Gallerie here.