Jewellery Inspection

The first thing we offer is to clean and inspect their jewellery for free examining for any loose stones or broken claws.  After the thorough examination of the jewellery, we attend to whatever specific needs, want’s and desires the client may have. 

Watch Repair

Whether replacing a watch battery, sizing a ring or repairing almost any type of jewellery in gold, silver or platinum, the sky “isn’t” the limit to what we can accomplish. Watch repair is another specialty.  We repair Rolex, Omega, Patek Phillipe, Piaget, Movado, Cartier and many other high end and other quartz watches.


Gem Gallerie will restring pearl and bead strands, either knotted in between each pearl or not.  Also some costume jewellery can be repaired as well.  Bring it by and we will see if we can repair it.

We are gemologists and professional goldsmiths

Karen Simmons

Karen is a Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author and writer of many award-winning books so she will write the stories of the adventures to capture in the book of a lifetime dream for many. Her current book "Heirlooms from the Heart" in which she is working in collaboration with Shine FM radio. Every heirloom has a story and these stories need to be heard, forever. Read the story about her and Gem Gallerie here.