Rising Stars – Ari + Sasha

At the top of their game

This power player earned a stellar reputation amongst the affluent crowd and those with an affinity for the best in jewellery.

As a recent keynote speaker for CGA’s annual conference, this industry insider paid his dues as a designer, trade show vendor, and account manager which led to thriving as a gem consultant.

In Switzerland, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Monaco, and beyond, this savvy professional promotes high-end jewellery. Ari “…loves to share his passion for precious gems and incredible Antique Jewelry pieces” declared Geraldine De Poortere (Ralph Lauren). Yes indeed, Ari Goosen is a sought after advisor to top jewellers and collectors around the world.

A Special Key to the Vault

It’s no surprise that Ari’s expertise in fine collectible gems led to launching Ari Goosen Consulting Group (AGCG) and The Vault Luxury Promotions Inc.

AGCG offers industry leading lectures/education, brokerage, and business consulting at the luxury level. Ari’s two decades at specialty vintage jeweller Siegelsons provided a solid spring board for not only AGCG but The Vault, whose “…famed signature event ‘The Vault in the Garden’…” featured one of a kind gems and jewels worth over $100 million. Ever the entrepreneur, Ari made this the “…first and only event of its kind in Canada…” In addition, the event was a “global first” by allowing collectors to purchase their new found treasure directly onsite – fully insured!

Based in Vancouver, Ari’s passion for gems brings out his ever inquisitive and creative character that clients love and respect.

A Rising Star With A Bright Cause

After studying various art genres in Ukraine, it wasn’t until reaching Canada that Sasha ————- found her passion – jewellery design.

For 20 years, Sasha was a goldsmith for renowned jewellers in Vancouver, BC. It took just about two years for Sasha’s Richmond based home based studio to morph into Juvelisto Design (Stevenson Village). This wise move created immediate interest amongst locals and tourists. A growing private clientele was the catalyst behind Juvelisto’s opening its doors. Like a true entrepreneurial spirit, the dedication and perseverance of the talent behind the scenes continues to grow stronger. Sasha’s extraordinary craftsmanship has earned long lasting client relationships.

A Source of Inspirational Passion

Who knows, you might just end up with a new family heirloom like I did!” declares one testimonial on www.juvelisto.com.

Sasha’s custom and handmade creations live up to her jewellery motto – “Be different.” Her unique handcrafting has gained the trust of clients seeking to secure the nostalgia of their family heirloom’s design yet add a bit of modern transformative flair. Nothing but the best springs from Sasha’s one-on-one collaborations with clients.

Sasha takes to heart that every creation has meaning to the client. One design (Mid-century modern) artfully combined a medical device with handpicked material resulting in a very unique and sentimental work of wearable art. This one of a kind inspiration literally grew out of dedication to life itself. Called the Cancer Port Necklace, this special creation features a cancer port as the centerpiece. Working with cancer patients, the client’s custom order came straight from a healer’s heart. Cancer ports deliver treatments directly to the patient’s vein during the chemotherapy cycle. Many patients donate these ports to the hospital after treatment. In honor of this “renewal of life” gesture, the client just had to include the port in a necklace for all to behold.

Juvelisto’s impressive offerings convey Sasha’s respect for the beauty of nature, admiration of art she has witnessed around the world, and love of a craft that is her true passion.

Birthstone of the Month – September

Birthstone of the Month – September


Gem Gallerie Reveals the Mystery and Beauty of Sapphire

What does the “Star of India”, J.P. Morgan and “Murph the Surf” have in common?

First, the strikingly deep blue hue of a Sapphire was so reminiscent of a clear blue sky that the ancients pronounced it was the reflection of an enormous Sapphire upon which the Earth rested.

Is it any wonder that blue remains the favorite color of 6 out of 10 people today?

Speaking of blue, the “Star of India” is a world famous Star Sapphire donated to a museum by financier J.P. Morgan.

Known as the “Blue Sister of Rubies”, Sapphire is second in hardness only to diamond.  You can take Sapphire anywhere, anytime, since natural or artificial light compliments Sapphire’s brilliant hues.

Diversity is Sapphire’s middle name.  Although especially popular in deep blue, fancy colored Sapphires are magnificent in pink, green, orange, and golden yellow.

Sapphire tends to be more “eye-clean” than rubies yet extremely fine silk, or “impurities”, in Sapphire can significantly enhance value.

Many “silky shine” gem quality Sapphires originate from India, Burma and Sri Lanka.

September not your birth month?

Sapphire has long symbolized truth, sincerity, and faithfulness which earned this gorgeous gemstone symbolic status for the 5th and 45th  wedding anniversary.

Clearly, Sapphire’s durability and beauty make it a perfect alternative for an engagement ring.  The late Princess Diana agreed when Prince Charles followed suit.

Sapphire has been the gemstone of choice for Kings and High Priests. To this day the British Crown Jewels are full of large blue Sapphires.

Best of all, September may be our Proprietor’s birthday but YOU get the gift…a true “steal of a deal” on a spectacularly stunning Sapphire.

You see, “Murph the Surf” was an infamous burglar that stole the Star of India.

Legend has it that Sapphire will not shine when worn by the wicked or impure. Luckily, the Star of India was recovered within months.

That was double trouble for poor Murph…great news for you.

Get your piece of Sapphire history now, at the Gem Gallerie!

Why delay another day?

Look for Gem Gallerie’s next “Birth Stone of the Month” column were you’ll  discover the alluring nature of October’s birthstone…the Opal!

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