Gem Gallerie Reveals the Mystery and Beauty of Opal

What embodies the richness of an Amethyst, deep green of an Emerald and gentle fire of a Ruby all at once?

Back in the 1300’s it was the most popular gem used for jewelry in Europe.  In 2013, get a glimpse (at the Gem Gallerie) and admire the glamor and everlasting allure of…the Opal!

Throughout the Middle Ages Opal represented hope, innocence, and purity. In addition, the opulent Opal is now widely popular celebrating the 14th wedding anniversary and status as October’s prime birthstone.

Most common is the white Opal, well known for its white or light body color with many colors flashing like a rainbow.

Looking for something a bit different…even trendy?  Ask us about the “chocolate” Opal, formed within layers of volcanic ash.

Fall weather is here. Warm things up with a Fire Opal!  

This unusual Opal, from Mexico, is highly sought after for its intense orange-red color…rare indeed. Good quality Fire Opal can even be transparent and is sure to catch an eye or two. Romance is in the air, especially shortly after sunrise and before sunset…a truly magical moment to wear Fire Opal.

Best of all, you only need a soft cloth to maintain Opal’s opulence. No fuss, just easy care.

As you would figure, the ancients were enamored by Opals. Due to the milky yet flashy color mix of this precious gem, they believed bolts of lightning created Opals from rainbows.

Interestingly enough almost all Black Opal is mined from Australia…specifically from Lightning Ridge. Coincidence? Black Opal is fascinating since it showcases a black, dark blue or green body color with vivid varieties of red, pink and bright green flashing throughout.

Even Louis XIV of France named one of his horse-drawn coaches “Opal.”

Although most opal is rounded, Tourmaline (multitude of colors) can substitute as a more rugged and faceted gem as an October birthstone.

Look for Gem Gallerie’s next “Birth Stone of the Month” column where you’ll  discover the alluring nature of November’s birthstone…the Topaz!

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