Gem Gallerie Reveals the Mystery and Beauty of Topaz

Topaz is so tremendously stunning that a giant colorless Topaz, the Braganza (1640 carats), was set in the Portuguese Crown and was first thought to be a diamond.

Yes, clear Topaz, at first glance, was mistaken for a diamond.

What a testament to the terrific Topaz!

In fact, the resemblance doesn’t end there. Topaz is almost as strong as diamonds which makes Topaz very versatile and durable enough to be set in a multitude of fashionable jewelry.

With Topaz, you receive a vast array of variety. Pink Topaz is splendorous but very rare. Popular are green and blue hues while most common is yellow. Wine-yellow crystals have come from the Schneckenstein (German Topaz-bearing rock) in Saxony for over 250 years. Imperial Topaz (golden-yellow) is relatively scarce.

Feeling special?  Then treat yourself to Champagne Topaz, a rare naturally colored light brown variety of Topaz primarily found in Mexico or Imperial Topaz, the most sought after of all natural Topaz brought to you from Brazil.

Want to get the inside scoop on “Swiss” and “Electric” blue hues of Topaz? Neutron and electron bombardment creates the beauty of these variations of Topaz and after a “cool off” period they are ready to face the world.

Ask our proprietor, Karen Simmons, about Sky Blue and London Blue Topaz which happens to be the most stunning and saturated of the blues…and most valuable too.

Once thought to have mystical curative powers that changed with the phases of the moon Topaz was so glorious to Egyptians that they believed Topaz was colored with the golden glow of the mighty Sun God Ra. Romans also associated Topaz with their Sun God.

Going back over 2000 years, Topaz secures its place in history as one of the foundational gemstones of the twelve gates to the Holy City of the New Jerusalem.

Many have marveled at the mystery of Topaz’s pleochroism properties…the appearance of several colors in one and the same stone. Beyond light and dark blue, other hues of Topaz gemstones display lemon-honey, straw-yellow as well as dark red and pink-red. A must see in person.

Topaz is a tremendous gemstone to behold. Topaz comes to you from as far away as Japan, Australia, Scotland and the Ukraine bringing with it brilliance at a very reasonable investment.

Look for Gem Gallerie’s next “Birth Stone of the Month” column where you’ll  discover the alluring nature of December’s birthstone…the Turquoise!

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