Gem Gallerie Reveals the Mystery and Beauty of Turquoise

You name it: brooches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and ornamental objects…

Turquoise is valued extensively.

With its long Native American history, Turquoise is a distinctively American gemstone.

You can be proud that the Southwest U.S. is now the world leader in Turquoise output. Despite being a relatively “soft” and porous gemstone, during the 16th century Indians of the Southwest even used Turquoise as currency.

Did you realize Turquoise has always been the “Gemstone of the Peoples?”

The popularity of Turquoise was so universal it got its name (“Turkish stone”) from a common trade route through Turkey.

Turquoise has been revered for thousands of years as a holy stone. As far back as 3000 B.C. the Egyptians have inlayed graves with Turquoise. Obviously, one of the oldest gemstones known to man is our gemstone of the month:Turquoise.

From the Pharaohs of Egypt to the Victorian era to the modern day perennial fashion trend of silver set “Indian Jewelry”, Turquoise has never lost its appeal.

Today, Turquoise deposits are in Iran, Australia, China and Israel. State side, Turquoise is abundantly found in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada.

Most popular State side is Turquoise Matrix.

Coming from the “hosting rock” some Turquoise develops an interesting spider web pattern from the matrix or mother rock. Hence Turquoise Matrix.

This spider web pattern gives Turquoise unique appeal. Spectacular interspersed streaks of brown, dark gray or black veining make up this wonderful “web.”

Rare specimens are a blue-violet hue…quite a sight to behold.

Persian Turquoise, favored in the Eastern world, is vein-free.

Aside from the rare and expensive transparent variety, Turquoise is common in sky-blue, blue-green and apple-green hues.

The brilliant sky-blue color has made Turquoise a classic gemstone, especially when set in silver.

Besides being known as a good luck charm, a “holy stone” and birthstone of December, Turquoise is the accepted anniversary gemstone for the 11th year of marriage.

Best of all, Turquoise is an affordable gemstone for its carat weight and sure to liven up your jewelry collection.

Happy Holidays and thank you for interest and discovery this past year into the wonderful world of gemstones!

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