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Gem Gallerie Jewelers & Goldsmiths is the longest standing, independent jewellery store in Sherwood Park, Alberta.  Established in 1984, Karen Simmons prides herself by offering personalized care to each and every client that walks in.  Karen is a Graduate Gemologist who has travelled the world to establish relationships with the sources for diamonds and many gemstones from around the globe.

Custom Design

Many times a client will bring in their old gold and we can either buy gold or make a new piece with it. Existing gems can be used and added.  There’s nothing prettier than a new white gold ring laced with diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds and any combination imaginable with hundreds of stone types to choose from.  Imagine making a family ring or pendant with all of the children’s birthstones for mom or grandma or even dad.  Imagination is the beginning of every jewelry inquiry so leave the creation to us.

Chicken Soup & Heirlooms

Karen is a Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author and writer of many award winning books so she will write the stories of the adventurers to capture in the book of a lifetime dream for many.  Her current book “Heirlooms from the Heart” in which she is working in collaboration with Shine FM radio in Edmonton, Alberta is another calling.  Every heirloom has a story and these stories need to be heard, forever.  Karen learned a great deal about how the system works for collection of these stories which has already begun.  The hunt continues for the first book at:  Heirlooms from the Heart.com in which she is doing this project with Ari Goosen, a seasoned jeweller and associate of Karen’s, Ari Goosen says “The best investments have been realized from colored diamond collections. You start with one with a vision in mind. These important collections have stories and the stones are even named “Blue Moon” for example” Ari is the owner of The Vault Consulting Group specializing in luxury fine jewelry and antiques in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ari is also the brother of Lee Siegelson, 3rd generation owner of Siegelsons, a world renowned specialty vintage New York jewelry boutique.

Much like Chicken Soup for the Soul, it is a compilation of the heartwarming stories of the jewelry, watches and family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.  Like people, the jewelry carries the energy through the family tree and this book promises to keep those stories alive.

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Karen’s Personal
“Heirlooms from the Heart”

My sister Susan and I, however, had the sweetest guy in the world as a step dad.  Until his dying day, when we asked him how he was he would say “ginger peachy” Going to sleep at night he would wish us “sweet dreams in colour”  He wore a neatly parted head of hair, was impeccably clean with pressed shirts and white pants.  Every night he would sit in front of the black and white TV and polish his shoes.  When he was done he would ask mom if she wanted a manicure.  He was the gentlest, kindest man alive though he had a rough life.  Maybe that’s what made him that way.  Was it any wonder he was nicknamed “Bunny”?  As a young lad, he would hop trains to get from California to Louisiana eating tomato soup made of nothing more than ketchup and water.  Bunny landed himself in the hotel business in all the hot spots.  He travelled from New York to Miami and in between. When Bunny was working as a bell–hop in a hotel in Las Vegas, one of Al Capone’s men gave Bunny a pair of star sapphire cufflinks because he was so nice. Bunny said to his friend, “Oh, I cannot accept those” and his friend said “you better!”  If you don’t he may consider it an insult and bad things might happen.  Anyway, he accepted the cuff links and the rest is history.

Karen’s History

Karen Simmons love for jewellery began when she was a little girl. Her first introduction and passion for gems grew from a ripe young age both from her Uncle, George Lacy, who contributed the granite for the Texas state capitol building in 1885 pulling 15,700 tons to Austin to build the capitol.  Great Uncle George turned Karen into a rock-hound with her very first rock collection.  As well Karen travelled the world as her mother worked for Pan American airlines and her father was an Aeronautical Engineer always on the go.  Karen’s love for travel continued as she joined the US Air Force and made jewelry by hand for the hospital staff that she worked with.  Upon her honorable discharge she attended the Gemological Institute of America.

After leaving GIA she started a gem investment company called “The Gemologist” in Bellevue Washington and sold her interests in her company in order to marry her Canadian love and moved to Canada where she started “The Gem Gallerie” in Sherwood Park which her family ran while Karen had her six children.  Her fourth was diagnosed with autism which led her to start Autism Today in 1998 hosting 67 conferences and authoring ten book

Perfectly Clear – 10TH Book

Recently she returned to her gem passion by returning to her love of her other kind of gems and helps people who love jewelry find the jewelry they want for the best value. Her tenth book “Perfectly Clear, Buying Diamonds for Pleasure & Profit” debuted this year and is setting the pace for her to take people on gem buying trips while encouraging sophisticated investors to obtain diamonds as a significant storage of wealth which they have been for hundreds of years.

Storage of Wealth

Not only are precious gems and diamonds stunningly beautiful, they are also infamously durable and efficiently portable when compared to other investment classes – especially “alternate” investments. Investment grade diamonds, particularly colored gems, can sell for thousands up to tens of millions of dollars depending upon their color and rarity. Even at more modest portfolio wealth levels, diamonds add tremendous value especially as collections that almost take on a human like quality.  Diamonds are named, stories are written and collections are carried on through generations to come.


Diamonds have a tenured track record of earning the spot as an “investors best friend.” This once closely held secret has gained more mainstream attention as of late. Of course, investing in diamonds is serious business. It is highly advised that any gem stone investment be pursued with the expert guidance of a professional that has a proven track record in this niche.  In the world of diamond investing, opportunity abounds in the form of a shining future!

Remember S.P.A.R.K.L.E.™ stands for Safe, Portable, Appreciates, Rare, King of gems, Legitimate and most importantly, Exquisitely Beautiful! Taking potential HNWI’s to the source is what I live to do.  By providing best value, integrity and a joyous experiences, investors can have fun while making sound decisions and have the peace of mind to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

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